Sunday, October 10, 2010

New minky baby blankets


It makes me so giddy inside knowing that a little bundle of joy is growing...Which makes me even more happy that I"m going to be a aunt for the first time... I can't wait for my younger sister to give birth in Feb, she is having a girl which will give my daughter a little playmate. I was so happy when she and her belly came to visit for a few weeks, we did some major baby blanket making and took lots of belly pictures..

Here are 3 blankets we made from fabric she choose, they turned out so cute....even if 2 of them are boys. (I'm thinking I'm going to keep the dinosaurs, they are just too cute) She took the owls with her, which I have to say turned out really great backed with fuchsia pink minky.

All 3 blankets are available for purchase at my shop, they are so warm and soft and make such great gifts. Everyone that has gotten one of these blankets have totally love them..These make great baby shower gifts, especially since the weather is getting cooler...

Pick some up today!


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