Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is PART 2 of my Halloween Table topper tutorial, you can find part 1 HERE

We ended on pressing your topper flat

Now we are going to...

It's up to you if you want to pin all the shapes running down the same side. I found if I pinned 2-3 rows at a time I didn't get poked as much.

Now, once you get to the bottom of a side you can either back stitch and turn to start, or just turn your fabric and continue without taking your needle out.

Now you have a great holiday table topper, Cathedral Window style..........

Below are the measurements for a variety of table toppers and baby blanket, as well as the leaf pattern


Finished size 15"x 44" Need 27 charms (3 squares by 9 squares) 18"x45" batting, 1/2 yd for backing and 5/8 yd for 66 cut shapes also borders cut (4) 2" strips of width of fabric

A. 40" x 40" 64 charms, (8 squares by 8 squares) 42" x 42" batting, 1 1/4 yds for backing and 1 1/8 yds for shapes (cut 144) and boarders (cut (4) 2" strips of width of fabric.

B. 30" x 30" 36 charms, (6 squares by 6 squares) 32" x 32" batting, 1 yd for backing and shapes (cut 78) and boarders, cut (4) 2" width of fabric

45" x 45" 81 charms (9 squares by 9 squares), 1 1/4 yds for backing and 1 1/3 yards for shapes (cut 181) and boarders cut (4) 2" width of fabric 46" x 46" batting (optional)

this leaf should measure 4" x 2"


Mandy said...

great job - and you make it look so easy....

Emily Alexander said...

This is so cute, I think I'm going to make a baby blanket with this tutorial. Thanks for posting it!

sawyouhij said...

I made one with red not green leaves, love to show all my squares not only the windows so i only open 6 at the center
A lot of changes and yes zig zag stitches all around the edges.
I wish i can show u
thanks for the tutorial.


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