Sunday, October 31, 2010

GIVEAWAY SWAP with LIttle Lizard King (NOW CLOSED)

I'm so excited for the next 2 months and the great giveaways that are to come, as we get ready for the HOLIDAYS!!!

My first giveaway is gong to be a GIVEAWAY SWAP... I want to introduce you to little lizard king she is a creative designer of wonderful little girls and boy patterns, such as skirts, dresses and ties. We have paired together to do a giveaway swap.

She will be giving 2 lucky winners of mine their choice of 1 pdf pattern found on here etsy shop and I will be giving her lucky readers a FQ bundle of the NEW ALL STAR 2 collection in orange

All you have to do to enter is....

1. Publicly follow Little Lizard King's blog. and/or
2. Mention which pattern you would like for free. and/or
3. Mention in her comments what other patterns you would like to see in her shop in the future.

It's so easy...Comment here to win sewing patterns, and head on over to LITTLE LIZARD KING AND start entering to win fabric....


For this years church Halloween party, I made a Kitty Litter Cake..It was the talk of the town! I found it at the Noble Pig blog hurry it's not too late to make yours!

ALSO don't forget to head over to my shop and check out my HALLOWEEN FABRIC ON SALE.....

FQ bundle, 5x5 pre cuts charms and last 10x10 pre cut now on SALE

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ragtime quilt

I made my first ragtime quilt a couple of weeks back out of pink and green fabrics. It was my first, and I have to say it started out fun but does take lots of work to cut out all the squares then the sewing.... I think I will leave it for the ragtime pro's. But I'm glad to say I have made one...I think I will stick to my baby minky blankets.

NEW GIVEAWAY STARTING MONDAY.......I'm pairing up with little lizard king to do a great giveaway, so watch for my post on MONDAY to get all the details...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pillowcases for Charity and tutorial

My church's service project for this month is to make kids pillowcase for a local children's hospital. So over the weekend I made 8 pillowcases and boy was it fun. I think they only wanted people to do 1 or 2 but I got carried away with all the new fabric I have gotten in recently.

Since I was making so many, I decide to also make a quick tutorial...So here it is...

Materials for standard pillowcase:

* 2 coordinating fabric pieces 1 for body of pillow and 1 for trim
* body fabric 26 inches by width of fabric
* trim fabric 10 inches by width of fabric
* Thread
* Sewing machine

I didn't cut off my selvage, but you can. Since we are using 1/2 in seems it covers it up well.

Turn right side out, Iron all around and.....

Now that you have this super easy and fast tutorial go out and make some pillowcases for your local charity!

happy sewing......

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Today I just posted a whole bunch of fabric with reduced prices and great SALE prices....Preparing for more new fabrics soon to arrive!!!!

All Patty Young FLORAL AND FAUNA, now on SALE!!!!!!!!!

ALSO on SALE Heather Bailey fabrics

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It has finally ARRIVED!!!!

Dr. Seuss collection has finally arrived!!!! I was so excited to finally get these out of the box and admire them. I seriously stared at them in the box in "ahh" for at least 5 min, thinking of all the great projects I can make with these super bright and cute fabrics..(I think pillowcases for charity will be first on my list)

I have a listing of all 10 fabrics in half cuts avaliable for purchase, HERE also look for FQ bundles and YD bundles soon to be posted...


Another great arrival of fabric has come today as well.... (it feel's like my birthday!!!!!)

If you loved ALL STAR from Minds Eye and Riley Blake, then you will LOVE LOVE LOVE, the newest line "ALL STAR 2"

They are all so fun, I love stars, paisleys and big dots! (going to make some pillowcases out of these as well)

I will get all these fabrics listed within the next couple of days as well as awesome new bundles....Also keep posted for a great giveaway to win all 10 of the CAT IN THE HAT fabrics coming soon!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween cute!

These are a great way to decorate for Halloween and prevent water ring marks...Great for gifts, or party decor pick yourself up some of these today....

These fun coasters come in a set of 4 and each coaster is made up of 5 different fabric pieces. Talk about variety.

Even the back has spooky Halloween fabric... These can be found HERE

SORRY FOLKS, hot coco not included!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


This is PART 2 of my Halloween Table topper tutorial, you can find part 1 HERE

We ended on pressing your topper flat

Now we are going to...

It's up to you if you want to pin all the shapes running down the same side. I found if I pinned 2-3 rows at a time I didn't get poked as much.

Now, once you get to the bottom of a side you can either back stitch and turn to start, or just turn your fabric and continue without taking your needle out.

Now you have a great holiday table topper, Cathedral Window style..........

Below are the measurements for a variety of table toppers and baby blanket, as well as the leaf pattern


Finished size 15"x 44" Need 27 charms (3 squares by 9 squares) 18"x45" batting, 1/2 yd for backing and 5/8 yd for 66 cut shapes also borders cut (4) 2" strips of width of fabric

A. 40" x 40" 64 charms, (8 squares by 8 squares) 42" x 42" batting, 1 1/4 yds for backing and 1 1/8 yds for shapes (cut 144) and boarders (cut (4) 2" strips of width of fabric.

B. 30" x 30" 36 charms, (6 squares by 6 squares) 32" x 32" batting, 1 yd for backing and shapes (cut 78) and boarders, cut (4) 2" width of fabric

45" x 45" 81 charms (9 squares by 9 squares), 1 1/4 yds for backing and 1 1/3 yards for shapes (cut 181) and boarders cut (4) 2" width of fabric 46" x 46" batting (optional)

this leaf should measure 4" x 2"


I am so excited for this to be my first ever TUTORIAL! I hope my explanations are easy to understand and my pictures are helpful in making this supper cute and easy table topper. This is the first of many tutorials I have lined up with some super cute and easy projects...


There are 3 options of items you can make with this "Cathedral window" pattern: Table runner, baby blanket, or table topper. Fabric needed for each of these projects is a charm squares which are 5"x5", cut pieces, these come in packs, or you can cut them yourself. To see what you need for each project, see part 2.

The following is for a square table topper but the process is the same in what every you choose to make.

I layed out my fabric on a thick cardboard board or any portable surface to can move from counter to sewing machine, little tip I learned which made it easier to keep my order straight.

Continue sewing all the charms on row 1 and row 2 together, creating a chain that you will leave uncut.

Once you have sewn both rows together, remove from machine, DON'T CUT TO SEPERATE ROWS... Make sure you mark with little post its, row 1 and 2 and top and bottom.

this is the end of part 1, PART 2 will contain how to attach your leaf shapes to make your window and finish off your table topper!


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