Thursday, August 30, 2012

labor day SALE.....

WOW.... is it labor day already?

where has the time gone? I guess the summer is officially over.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

1 month

Today makes 1 month that my husband has been in the hospital.

(right before his gallbladder remove -aka before the doctor messed him up and cut his bile duck and artery and vein to liver)

1 week in Vegas and 3 weeks here at UCLA in California.

(view from hospital window, UCLA campus and football practice field)

I have been with him most of the time while in Vegas, but all of the time while he has been at UCLA.

My mom flew up from Hawaii, to take care of our daughter and run the fabric shoppe.

After watching her for 2 weeks, she had to get back, so took lana back with her to Hawaii.

(my husband has loss tons of weight and hates having his picture taken, so this one is the one he approved of, which was taken at lake Tahoe a week before his going to the hospital)

The worst of this whole ordeal is behind us..

But because of the cut artery and vein to his liver, part of his right liver is dead.
The good part is you don't need your full liver to live and the great part is if your liver is damaged it CAN revitalize itself and work again properly over time.

However there is a leak of bile coming out from the dead side of the liver that they are monitoring. If it doesn't start to scar up and heal there is a chance he could have his 4 surgery in a month.

This time they will need to remove the "dead" part of his right liver, eliminating the leak all together.

None of us want this to happen, but as of yet it is not off the table. We are praying this leak will heal soon on its own.

So as my daughter enjoys the sun and beach.....

I have this picture to look at and remind myself that there is a end in sight and someday this whole ordeal will behind us.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

remember this one?... vintage modern hst quilt DONE!

I have to be honest
 this quilt has been finished since May


it was first posted here.

Mothers Day to be exact.

It was a gift for my mom, and she loved it. 

and so do I

this quilt was really quick to sew together
 since I used a pre-cut layer cake

{hst tutorial coming soon!}

{love the back drop with the mountains}

the back was created from yardage out of the 
houndstooth print 
and solid med kona cotton grey

the quilting on this was done by me. 

Because this quilt was really big, I'm 
talking queen size big I quilted it will with wonky lines that run throughout the entire quilt.

my only dislike is the quilting. 
my sewing machine doesn't have a wide neck 
so quilting a big quilt on it is a 

the lines are slightly curve and cross over in weird places
 but the front and back make up 
for me not liking the quilting.

my binding is out of the floral dots pear
which is a very pretty green with white polka dots
that tops off this quilt!

 Quilt details:
HST quilt
vintage modern pre-cut layer cake
kona cotton white
kona cotton med grey
binding: floral dot pears
queen size
quilted: wonky lines

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Recovery.... It's a long road

It has been a very long 2 weeks
I have been in 2 different hospitals, in 2 different states
caring for my husband. 

It is not until now
that I am able to think straight
 and have a chance to make a quick post.

It has been a very emotional and stressful ride 
to see my husband go from well to in extreme pain
All due to the Error of a surgeon.

He has had 2 surgerys within a week of each other and is now
Finally on his way to recovery.

We are in good hands out here at ucla hospital and
Had the Best surgeon in the nation work
On my husband.

He is so strong and has had to endure
Extreme Pain that I would not
Wish on my worst enemy.

He is my hero


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