Thursday, June 21, 2012

Reversible dress or blouse tutorial

I saw this adorable reversible dress/top from Riley Blake's website
 and knew I had to make one.

this FREE tutorial is from Carina Gardener 
she has made it very easy to follow, with lots of great add on's for the more experienced sewer.


The hardest part is choosing what fabric to use, which was easy for me since the Chevron prints are so hot right now, and I'm totally loving the aqua color.

The next hard choice is to choose the fabric that makes it reversible, so I choose eyelet grey from Flea Market fancy. another favorite of mine.

 I love how this dress turned out!

now to make a dress out of each chevron color
and since it's reversible I can get 2 colors in dress.

{i love this door}

my little one loves her dress..

so the best part about this tutorial is that there is a video showing you how to...
so if you are a visual person this video is awesome.

                                                           pattern for free pattern HERE.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the fabrics you picked!
Your little one and the dress are very cute!

Dayna at Precut Paradise said...

Very cute! I think my granddaughter would like one!

Barbara @ Nähtante Quilts said...

Cute dress that comes really handy: If there's an ice cream stain on one side just turn it around, so you've got another beautiful dress for your vacation! :-D


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