Monday, June 18, 2012

sewing with ruffle fabric take 2

I have to say I really love creating with ruffle fabric.

it's so quick and easy and no hemming
 which is the best part.

so far I've made leggings, skirt and a dress, 
my first legging I posted here, and used this tutorial here.

Here is my skirt I made for me and a Easter dress for my daughter
this dress was so fast and easy to make. all I did was use another dress as a template, layed my fabric over to copy the size. I then sewed the sides, right side together and it was done. very simple but oh so cute!

as for my purple ruffle skirt, I used this tutorial here. another great pinterest find.

as far as little girls go, you can never have enough leggings.. 
so, with that said I made another pair. 

for this legging I used the raspberry and cream striped ruffle

I really liked this color because it's also great for the holidays
and fun Christmas leggings. 

this color goes perfect with her pillowcase dress
so get started and make your own leggings, skirt or ruffle dress.

it seriously is the fastest clothing you will ever make!!!!



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