Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sanctuary HST quilt done!

I can now finally say that my Patty Young Sanctuary HST quilt is done! The top had been done almost a year before I finished the back, quilted and binded it. I am so happy with how it turned out. Especially the quilting and pieced backing. I had first posted about it HERE.
 this was actually a quilt kit that I had put together based off of the pattern from Quiltstory. It's a great HST pattern and even better a free tutorial.
I really loving how the pieced backing turned out. I really love the main fabric used in this print, with it's fun bright colors.

 I have to admit that my free motion quilting skills have come a long way... with each quilt I do it gets better and better. This one turned out pretty good, not perfect but getting there.

here are all the details.  We still have some Sanctuary prints in stock which are now 10% off, but we are limited, so pick some up soon.

Finished quilt measures 50x60

fabrics used for HST:
Zen Garden Pear
Geo Bloom Seafoam
Glass tiles Aqua
Aromatherapy Seafoam
Orchard Feng-Shui Seafoam
Kona cotton white

kona cotton in bright pink and med grey

Aromatherapy sherbet

Orchid Feng Shui Ocean

Quilted: puzzle piece design


Jennifer Salter said...

Its gorgeous! Fabulous job :)

Michele O'Donnell said...

Love it!!


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