Monday, January 16, 2012

Check these off my list

At the beginning of this year, I posted about all the quilt tops that have been stacking up and needed to be finished. That post is here. I'm so pleased to have 2 completed and can't be more happy with how they all turned out.

This one didn't get finished in time for the holidays but is now ready for next years celebration.

(kit here)

when I was creating the quilt back, I had originally decided to make this into a wall hanging. So I thought a good idea would be to use up some jo-anns Christmas flannel from a couple of years ago since no one would see the back. I ended up piecing a bunch of different flannels together along with some grey solid scraps.

I'm not a big fan of jo-anns fabric quality, but the flannels turned out to be a good choice and use of fabrics from my stash. Once this was finished I decided to keep in as a quilt and not turn it into a wall hanging. I also tried my hand at a little free hand quilting around the boarders, so much fun!

the binding is that's all stripe from Michael Miller's holiday fabrics, which is currently on sale.

the next quilt I completed is made out of Anna Maria Horner's little folks voile's, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out.

this is also a quilt kit, here.

I love the back on this, which is little folks flannel forest hills in glow. It is so soft. I had some scraps of voile that I used together with the flannel as a chunky boarder on one of the sides.

I did some straight lined quilting and bound it in dobby dots lilac from the original pastry line from little folks.

I love this quilt and the voile is just so nice and soft to snuggle in.


Kathy Felsted Usher said...

I love the flannel backing! That will be so comfortable, especially if you curl up with it on the couch on a cold, stormy day!

Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

wow, 2 done already - great job!

Danny said...

Great job getting TWO quilts finished! I'm no where near having a finish! And I love the AMH voile quilt! I bought all her flannel to make a nice, cozy flannel blanket for me! I live in AZ though. I didn't really think through the whole flannel thing, but I am sure I'll love it regardless. The fabrics are just so beautiful!

mloaolm said...

Did you have a pattern for this? How big are the hexagons? what is the distance between the hexagons? This is the EXACT design I want for a duvet cover I want to make, I just need to figure out the dimensions. What is the overall dimension?


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