Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre-New Year Resolution

It's 2 days away from the start of 2012 and I already have one new year resolution planned!......... finish all my quilt tops that have been hanging in my closet from the start of this year (actually there are 2 that are older than that, EEK) that have gotten pushed down the pile when something new takes my interest.

I'm totally not one of these people that can finish a quilt from start to finish. I usually can get the top done, then find another quilt that has captured my attention that I just have to start to make, hence the 7 quilt tops from the above picture. Yes, that is right I have SEVEN unfinished quilt tops hanging in my closet begging me to finish them each time I pass by. You can find the original post about each one below.

1. Grand Bazaar (eek, never got the chance to post about this one! it's going to be a quilt kit for the shoppe...coming soon)
2. Hungry Hippo zig zag (ekk, never posted about this one either)
3. Pick a bunch, organic Random reflections (this is a quilt kit here)
4. Amy Butler and Chain Link (my all time favorite)
5. Little Apples
6. Sanctuary Half Square Triangle
7. Andrea Victoria-New Wave (another one never mentioned... it will be)

Number 8 would be my baby quilt of Little apples, that is all pinned and ready to be quilted. Actually as I'm writing this, my little quilt is almost done and ready to be bound and snuggled.

As you can tell from the picture of quilt tops 4 of them were done for quilt kits for the shoppe while the other 4 were for my personal projects. This coming year, I will be featuring a lot more quilts that I personal make with free tutorials as well as a few quilt kits to be purchased.

Another great thing to look forward to will be our weekly link up parties, where you can link what you have sewed on throughout the week. These will be every Friday, but more information on that shortly.

a reminder that today is Thursday and have you bought your Customer Appreciation Sale Fat Quarter for only $1.25 yet?

Don't forget because tomorrow it will be a different fabric. this print can be found here or here.


Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

Oh, I see that I am not alone!!


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