Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fat Quarter Friday, starts tomorrow! -$1.25 FQ

We will begin FAT QUARTER FRIDAY, where every Friday we offer you a FQ for $1.25. You will be able to get this price all week long, then when Friday rolls around a different fabric will be put into our FAT QUARTER FRIDAY SPOT. We will post the Fq tomorrow so stop on by to see what it will be!


beaquilter said...

uhhhhh, will it be for a LINE of fabric?? like these?? these are SO gorgeous!!what's your shipping policy?


hi beaquilter,

you never know! each week will be a different FQ but only 1 fq at a time per week. to get all the info on shipping head over to our shop all shipping is stated under the listings of the items..

thanks for your comment!

Danny said...

DUDE! You rock my world, Poppy Seed! Can't wait to see which patterns you choose!


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