Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick tip Monday-Cutting Voiles (so they don't slip)

Voiles have made a come back and I believe it all began with Anna Marie Horner's Little Folks collection. This wonderful line filled with awesome designs and patterns have really set the stage for this modern generation of quilters..

I have found a quick an easy way when cutting up this beautiful fabrics so you get the perfect straight lines you would with non voiles..By using dry wall tape (found at your local lowe's or hone depot) and sticking it to the bottom of your ruler this helps hold onto the voile so they don't move around when cutting.

This gives your lines a nice and clean look.

Just a reminders that I am one of the few etsy shops that currently carry the WHOLE LITTLE FOLKS COLLECTION, these fabrics have been literally flying off my shelfs the past week.. So if you are still wanting this awesome fabrics with a great selection, don't wait too long because once there gone there gone!

Also I will be coming out shortly with a quilt kit using 9 little folks FQ to go along with Cluck Cluck Sew, Juice Box pattern


Bayside Gal said...

Oh my, another reason to raid my Hubby's tool shed! I am going to go get some right now..what a fabulous idea. Thanks so much for sharing.


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