Wednesday, March 23, 2011

International Textile Expo, Las Vegas

I just got back from my first ever International textile expo, here in Vegas! I'm so glad I went and got to see some of the current and NEW fabrics that are coming out this year..I got in my pre orders and can't wait for you all the see them.. I'm so EXCITED! Here is a re-cap of who was there and some pictures of some of the expecting fabrics.

I spent 2 hrs with Robert Kaufman deciding on fabrics...

I love this collection "PICK A BUNCH" by Nacy Mills of Mod Green Pod, it is a ORGANIC line and comes in 3 colorways.

Orchid, Sunflower, and Aqua/olive I will be getting in the aqua/olive line.

I love this print...

and this one..

This line will be so great, for crib bedding and blankets for your little one to snuggle in.
This will be my FIRST ORGANIC line to hit my shop, and it's so beautiful and soft I can't wait, expect this line in May.

Not sure about ORGANICS yet, HERE is a great article that will help give you more info.

Another new Organic line is "LITTLE ONE" which comes in a blue palette for boys and pink palette for girls...

I'm loving this panel fabric, so many possibilities.

(Delivery date currently unknown)

Urban Zoology, by Anne Kelle has been such an awesome hit, that she has expanded this line. and oooh the new fabrics are too cute!

these include, lady bugs, monkeys, butterfly's, little Scottie dogs, cats and turtles.

Also are these adorable birds and birds houses....oh these pictures don't do this fabric justice..

aren't these cute! loving the birdhouses.
(Delivery date currently unknown)

Now how about these...Its called "Appleville" such an appropriet name.

comes in a panel as well

aren't these little apples to die for?

(Delivery date currently unknown)

Coming in July to get ready for Christmas will be the "How the Grinch, Sold Christmas" collection. Isen't this quilt adorable?

These fabrics include some re-prints for the "Cat in the hat collection" found HERE but in a more Christmas tone.

and the panel, which is what the quilt is made from.

Thanks Robert Kaufman for all your great deisgners and prints..We love you! ( I love you)
Shannon Fabrics was right next door.. (I wish I took a picture of their booth, so cuddlie. I just wanted to go in and snuggle and take a nap.)

Love this Chair....

It's made from the new Night Owl cuddle from Robert Kaufman..go HERE for the watermelon/topaz color.

And these kits, which are made from strips of the minky and cuddle fabrics. Sold in adult, kids and baby sizes. All you have to do is sew.

I have a huge, cheetah print blanket soft cuddle blanket I bought in Korea for like $35, from a street vendor and my whole family loves it..I might have to get me this animal print kit and make it for my hubby so he would stop stealing mine!

Michael Miller (how I love you too) since this isen't quilt market, they wern't able to show any of the new collections from designers like Patty Young or Sandi Henderson. But they did have some uber cute NEW christmas fabric to show. check out these owls. Aren't owls totally HOT right now?

these will be in stock Aug.

I also got some knit polka dots and stripes

This is something NEW, small scale prints that are the same color tone as collections like this one

This is going to make choose coordinating fabrics for projects way more easier.

Seven Island -Echino Nico Japanese prints

Again no new fabrics from our loved Japanese company, but the talk about what is coming out in May is a buzz. I love this print and bags.

Great new Japanese character prints coming out from Hawaii and Transpacific fabrics

Here are some random pictures.

One thing I realized after this event, is how much I am currently into the rolled up rose look. Here are some of the things I was drooling over.

Frosted rose cuddle from Shannon fabrics

Such a great event, I'm looking forward to the Next one in September, and the upcoming quilt market in May.


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