Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quilt Drive for Japan

(quilts I will be donating)

Many of us were impacted when the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan almost 1 month ago. My scare came double for my love ones both in Japan and Hawaii. Fortunately both were not directly impacted by the devastation. My heart still aches for the Japanese and the heartache they have endured. I have been thinking about the different ways I could help, when I got a email from Seven Island fabrics

One of my favorite company Seven Islands

who brings us the designs of fabric designer Echino Nico who prints like the scooters and helicopters we can't get enough of.

Seven Islands is putting together a quilt drive, they will be collection any size quilt or blanket you would like to donate until April 30. They then will ship the quilts directly to Patchwork Tsushin in Japan, where the quilts will be distributed to the people in need.

If you would like to participate please ship items to:

Seven Islands, Inc.
“Quilt Drive for Japan”
2444 W. 205th St., Suite A-1
Torrance, CA 90501

I will be sending the above quilts there way, and hope they will bring warmth and comfort to those in need. If you can please donate some quilts or blankets that you have made and take part in this great cause!


Sharde said...

ooh i could do this. i wish i had time :(

Jamie Lee said...

Hi, I have a Little Red Riding Hood quilt my husband will be mailing out tomorrow. I just started quilting, so it's not the most fabulous quilt ever, but it's the only one I currently have finished:) I'm sure a little girl will love it! Thanks for the information.


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