Wednesday, April 27, 2011

laminate tablecloth tutorial -with little folks berry cotton laminate

I love this Anna Marie Horner Little folks laminate I got in recently. I knew it would make a perfect tablecloth for spring, and even better just in time for Easter.

This tutorial is a simple and fast way to take any laminate fabric (especially this one) and turn it into a tablecloth for any size rectangle table (great for a patio table).

NOTE: THIS TUTORIAL IS BASED OFF OF USING A SERGER. ( if you don't have a serger like I did, find a friend that does. this will only take about a half hour, so I'm sure they won't mind if you borrow it, giving them cookies it will probably sweeten the deal)


pre-measured cotton laminate (found at any fabric shoppe, or buy little folks that I used HERE)
serger with coordinating thread and plate of cookies (optional)
plate or bowl to round edges (optional)

FIRST you want to measure the length of the table that your tablecloth will resided. The great thing about cotton laminate is that it is really wide. So most likely the width of the fabric will be greater than the width of your table. ( I will cut any length you need for your table in this fabric, just convo me HERE for details)

SECOND (OPTIONAL for round edges) fold your piece of fabric in half, then again, so you line all your corners straight. You will then take your plate or bowl to round the edges. If you don't want round edges, go on to THREE.

Next (with your friends assistance if you have never used a serger before) serger around all 4 sides. remember go slow around your curved edges. (if you have them)

Your end result will look like this

Now you have a fun spring tablecloth!


Keep Stitchin' said...

Thanks for the idea! I gave my daughter my old serger, but will have to borrow it sometime and do this!


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