Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kona cotton goodie bag!

This is a yummy goodie I just got in the mail, from a awesome seller HERE she sells all of the kona cotton solid colors out there. I needed a array of colors to see which ones I liked the best and I have to say it is a super hard choice deciding. Don't you think?

The best part about why I choose this seller, is because she labels each and every piece of fabric! don't you just hate it when you don't know the color just in case you need more? well having each fabric with the color is so AWESOME and you will never go clueless again..

Now just to make up my mind!


Amy said...

very nice I will check her store out. do you have the Kona colorboard? if not you could snip a piece off and make your own.I love KONA.I will be looking to see what you make with these,Amy

Caty said...

I always have to have my husband help me pick out fabrics because I can never ever make up my mind either! Thank you very much for sharing the seller's info! Checking out her site now!


Erin A said...

Ooo, yummy colors. Good luck deciding!


90min said...

thank you.

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