Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oreo Chocolate Truffles tutorial

SIDE NOTE: This is a super quick post I wanted to get up in case any of you wanted to make these for goodies giving..they are so quick and easy and oh so yummie! since this post was put together rather quick, my pictures areN'T edited and lighting in my house was gloomy today.. But I think you get the idea... Enjoy and try not to eat these all yourself, they are just that GOOD!

1 18-0z package cookies oreo's (I guess any other cookie would work as well)
1 8 oz package cream cheese softened
1 12 oz package semi sweet chocolate chips
1 tbs shortening
any topping (optional)

(don't mind the butter in this pic, I thought I could use it since I ran out of shortening but NO it doesn't work...DONT try it! it makes your choco hard like a rock, who would of known....)

You want to crumble the whole package of cookies, the whole cookie even the filling, a food process works great for this..

it should look likes this when its done.. I then put it in my mixer to mix with the soft cream cheese.

You want to mix it very well, something like this.

Now your ready to roll into 1 inch balls.

I placed them on a wax paper pan. I then melted my chocolate and dipped my balls, this is a bit messy but you can lick your fingers for clean up....heheh I did!

For a topping I crushed up some candy canes and sprinkled on top while the choco was drying.

It was a very ambitious day of baking I also made chocolate, Carmel covered prestles and a islandl favorite baked chex mix snack.. all so very yummie!

Enjoy your holiday baking and hopefully you can try this new reciepe like I did...I think it's a keeper!


Carolyn™ said...

We haven always had oreos available in Australia but we now do. I will give these a try - would be more suitable for the children than Nannas Rum Balls which I make for the adults.

Jana said...

So fun!

Come enter for a free paper bead necklace from Heart Strings for Orphans!


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