Monday, November 15, 2010


The holidays are right around the corner and its that time to get the kids ready for that yearly Christmas card picture...For the past 4 years of being married I have always loved this time of the year especially finding that perfect card. I do my research, checking out all the websites out there to find the best deal and card that I just love..

For the past 2 years (since we started our family) I have enjoyed searching through SHUTTERFLY'S website and looking for a card to match our family perfectly. I'm one of those persons who love photo Christmas cards. They are just such a great way to show your friends and family just how fast your kids grow, and to give them a good update if you don't keep in contact a lot.

If you have ever checked out SHUTTERFLY'S website you can get lost in the many options of Christmas cards. They had tons of different cards, it's so much fun to input your pictures and see which card fits you.

Besides photo cards, I love giving photo wallcalenders to my family. They make awesome gifts, and your able to include tons of pictures all in one place.

Last thing I love about this website is all the different things you can create such as picture canvas, you take any picture you love, lets say a beloved wedding photo and get it printed on a canvas to hang on your wall. How cool is that?

Now the best part about this company is Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly so cool!!!!

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