Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Fun....

For us this summer has been one of the best!!!

Filled with 
trip home, camping, beach, hiking, 
swimming, good food, friends, shopping, 
late night visits, beach resort play,
boating, snorkeling, shell diving, 
and the best part being with family. 

I have been enjoying my summer with family and friends
with keeping work to a minimum
but making sure orders are sent and convo's retuned. 

It has been a much needed break
 to rejuvenated and de-stress.

As our island vacation and summer comes to a end
 we want to thank all of you for supporting our little business and your patience while 
we enjoyed our summer. 

As school begins for many of you, we wish you well in getting little ones ready
and the start of a bit more freedom.

To get you excited for a bit more time to sew and create,
 enjoy our bundle/scrap bag sale starting today.

Discount already applied to listing, so easy, just shop.



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