Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October sale.... Vintage MOdern

Welcome October...

it still feels like 

summer to us here in Vegas.

we skip fall and go straight to winter

which I am so ready for... 

winter to me brings, lots and lots of sewing. I don't know what it is but the cool weather spurs my juices and creativity. i get most of my half started projects done during this time.

to get your juices flowing and dust off the ol' sewing machine we have started our countdown to our end of the year sale.

First up on the listing of great markdowns and savings
 is the ever so beautiful

this fabric collection has been marked down 10%
 throughout the month we will be reducing much more fabric as we clear our selves for the new year

remember this beauty?

made out of vintage modern fabric. (post here)

love this one....

so, don't wait and pick up some fabric from Vintage modern and share with us what you create!

happy OCTOBER shopping!



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