Tuesday, March 6, 2012

cruzin the north shore of Oahu -trip recap

I've been back now for almost 3 weeks, and although I'm getting back into the swing of things it's hard to be back, while I miss home and family. here's are more fun pictures of our trip, and making me even more homesick!

I am from the east side of the island of Oahu, which we call the windward side, other known as Kaneohe. Living on this side is awesome. The mountains are in my back yard and the beach in the front. I only need to drive 15 min and my toes are in the sand at Kailua beach and cruzin the north shore was a common weekend occurrence. Heading to Waimea bay and rock jumping was a great start to the weekend and ending the day to a trip to Matsumoto's for shave ice topped it off.

Although now a days, we don't get out there much when we visit we do set one day for a trip to the North shore to hit our favorite spots.

Getting ready to hit the road Of course we couldn't forget one of our new favorite mustache hats. I wish we found one in my size. :(

February is the rainy season in Hawaii, while most of the world gets snow and cold, we get rain and wind. So as we headed out for our trip it was rainy and windy, lucky for us when we did our first stop at Laie point the rain stopped and the clouds parted to let in some sun.

See the rain clouds? that's where we had come from, Kaneohe.

due to the weather we didn't stop at Waimea bay, since the waves were big and sloppy no one was allowed in the water, so that meant no rock jumping for me. HERE are some awesome pictures of the bay on a sunny day, with rock jumpers. If your ever come for a visit heading to this beach and jumping off the rock is tons of fun, just mind the locals, sometimes they act as if they own that rock.

Our final destination was Haleiwa, you will see these landmarks on they way that will let you know you are on the right path.

next, we were off to Matsumoto's for their specialty... SHAVE ICE. If you have had this island treat anywhere else and loved it, you are mistaken. This is by far the best shave ice I have ever eaten.

the line can sometimes be long, but trust me they are fast and it's worth the wait. I always get the small, which as you can see is really big. I get it filled with azuki beans and ice cream, cause well.... that's the only way to eat Matsumoto shave ice. I think this trip we went with papaya, pina colada and watermelon. Any flavor you choose, will leave your mouth happy.

next time your on Oahu, the north shore is a must. If you visit during Jan, take a umbrella and camera to catch the big waves.


Mandy @ Sugar Bee Crafts said...

we loved Haleiwa and went there almost every day to eat - so fun!

Danny said...

Looks like you had a great time!! Your daughter is a cutie!

mommatojoa said...

Oh how lucky. I have never been to Hawaii! I would love to visit some day!

Gorgeous little lady you've got there!

DianeY said...

If you visited yesterday, you would have needed more than an umbrella! You may have needed a rowboat!

Nancy said...

My husband and I visited Oahu two years ago and we spent most of our time on the North Shore. We loved Waimea (although I'm sad to say we didn't rock jump) and Matsumoto's shaved ice. Looks like you guys had a blast.


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