Sunday, February 5, 2012

......i'm not in vegas anymore

as you can tell from this awesome picture, I'm definitely not in Vegas anymore..

this is the view I see of the ko'olau mountains range from my kitchen table every morning as I sit and eat my fresh Hawaiian papaya for breakfast.

have you ever had a fresh Hawaiian papaya? if not you are totally missing out! these are by far the best tasting papayas in the WORLD. This will be my breakfast every morning for the next 3 weeks.

mmm, so delicious.....

As you can tell, I'm not in the desert anymore and now in lush, beautiful and GREEN Hawaii. We're actually back home in Hawaii visiting family for our annual Hawaii trip and I couldn't be more happier!

I mean check out this view!!!!

I want to let you know that our shoppe is open and orders are shipping, convos and checking on fabric yardage will have a bit of a delay time but other than that everything is normal. I will return back to Vegas, Feb 22 and look forward to all the fun new fabric arrivals, to share.


Danny said...

How great! Enjoy yourself!

Bella-Boutique said...

WOW Lucky Lucky You! We went to Hawaii as aprt of our honeymoon and I actually cried when we left I loved the place so much. The people, the attitude the smells, the sea, the beautiful scenery. If I wasn't such a homebird needing to be near my family we'd be there like a shot as it was the most beautiful place ever! Enjoy!

Susan said...

Gorgeous views, and the lower humidity time of year - have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pics. I've had fresh papaya, but not that fresh!

Heather said...

I just moved from kaneohe to oahu. We lived in poha kea point complex.... had a view of the bay and koolau mountains from our lanai... I miss it so much... enjoy the view and weather for me :)


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