Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Valentines day

Before I left for my trip I made my hubby who was staying behind a early valentines day gift. Nothing says I love you like a Chocolate Beet Cake. (right?)

I found this recipe in the costco connection magazine that came in January and since I had some beets laying around that needed to be used before I left, I thought this would be a good treat.

Overall the cake was easy to make and good, not too sweet but it was bit dense and heavy in texture. It was a good try for my first beet cake. The fruits on top which I added was a good touch it not only made it pretty but nice to eat together.

If anyone has some beets laying around and want to try this, here is the link.



Susan said...

What an interesting idea. I know that beets were used for sugar for a long time, but I'd never thought about eating them other than pickled or in soup. Thanks for the recipe! Your cake looks beautiful.

Danny said...

Come back so I can shop! I've got an itch for some new fabrics and I LOVE your shop too much to buy from someone else before I have the chance to look at what you have.

Also, I hope you're having a fantastic vacation!


hey danny,

we are OPEN!!!!! we are about to arrive back to town, and are so happy too finally get back to cutting fabric... we also have a promo of 15% off for all order, so enjoy shopping!!!!!

thanks for all your great comments and for being so awesome!


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