Friday, August 26, 2011

little folks strip quilt tutorial

Love, Love, Love this quilt.

When we first got in Little Folks fabric about 6 months ago I longed to make up a quilt using a bunch of all these great prints. (so hard to narrow it down) So I decided to make a strip quilt making sure I got in all of my favorites.

I kept the width of the fabric since voile's measure about 54" wide and picked my must haves, which ended up being 22 prints. (eek)

Being a strip quilt I cut the fabrics all different widths, giving some dimension to the quilt. Since I wanted to include all 22 fabrics I did not have a certain length in mind. Just went with what ever size it turned out being.

Which ended up being really long... A good size throw for sure.

I backed it with Forest Hills Sweet. I loved it so much I could not bare to cut into it.

I machine quilted straight lines across, in a variety of places. Then I hand stitched with pearl cotton the same, in a variety of places. I made sure that the pearl cotton did not match with the fabric, I wanted it to stand out.

I bounded it in marine and coral dobby dot from the pastry line, that coordinates so well with little folks. (the dobby dot is now retired but the pastry line without the dots are available)

Over all I LOVE this quilt. I can't wait for it to get a bit cooler so I can snuggle..

Here are the other details: Little Folks Strip Quilt

measures: 47" x 94"
22 prints for little folks voile
quilted: machine straight lines and pearl cotton hand stitching
bound: marine and coral dobby dot voile


Me Aggie said...

I love it!!


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