Wednesday, August 3, 2011


As soon as we got these fabrics in I knew I wanted to make some home decor fabric embroidery hoops. So while I was talking on the phone to my friend (hey Kelsie) I got these put together, so easy and fast.

Materials needed:
desired amount of hoops variety of sizes
FQ of desired fabrics ( I used metro living circles, found HERE)
Hot glue gun

I picked up these hoops from my local thrift shop, for .50 cents a piece (not a bad deal) I removed the nice cross stitching that was in them and removed all the dried glue.

Took the FQ, ironed out all the creases and placed them in the hoops.

Trimmed off the extra fabric close to the hoops edge, so you have enough to glue down.

Glue around the hoop so the fabric stays in place, and your done! Ready to hang..


Anonymous said...

Love it! Hands down love it!!

Cindy said...

I love this idea! You just gave me a creative idea for my sewing room. Thank you for sharing!

City Life to Ranching Wife said...

How cute and fun is this?! I like it!

Chris and Kelsie said...

So cute! Just wish I could have been there in person to hang out in your fun sewing room and chat. I miss hanging out there with you and staring at all the beautiful fabric!!

Caty said...

Too CUTE! How funny, I just went garage sale hopping and found a bunch of hoops that I am planning on doing this exact thing with them! :-) LOVE IT!


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