Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday was a great day. Besides watching the game my husband was off so I was able to finished some well need projects.
The first being my 19 months old daughters hoody towel. I decided to make one instead of buying since I have so much towels laying around that we got from our wedding. It turned out pretty good! I'm glad I finally got that DONE. I have been playing to make that for a couple of months now. If really feel accomplished!!!! Opps I forgot the fabric stip that I was going to sew on, guess it's not quite done.

The other thing I need to finished was this so cute baby boy blanket. I love Riley Blake's new line WHEELS. It is too cute! I just had to make a boy blanket out of it. Now should I sell it on etsy or keep it to use as a gift? hmm!!!! such a hard decision.

Sunday's are just great day's to begin with, but to have the hubby off so he can entertain our kid and watch football so I can get some work done is even better!!!!


Katherine said...

This is a super cute blanket. My daughter loves minky, and always steals mine from my fabric cabinet :)


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