Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New bundles - plus a new sale!!!!

Now that school is back in session I have a bit more extra time on my hands. Are you kidding I have the whole stinking day!!!!! So much time.  Before you say anything I have one child and now that she's in first grade, I'm trying hard not to count down the hours till I see her again. I'm sure as times goes on I will find ways to spend my day, including working more, working out and sewing but since it's just day 6 i'm trying hard not to be too sad and lonely.

I did muster the energy to create some fabric bundles for you so I hope you like them. All are listed in the shoppe. 

Forest Fields



lots of great choices including.....

chevrons - in lots of colors 

and LOTS LOTS MORE... go check it out! HERE...


Braemore Fabrics said...

The color combination is good


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