Friday, March 28, 2014

In Case you've missed it...

Sometimes it gets a bit busy around here and there's not enough time in the day to post on all of our social media outlets. If you follow at least one, you are bound to get all the latest updates.

I have to admit our blog is the last to get all the info.

To make sure you get the word first, make sure to follow us on Instagram. This is where we post everything first, it's just quick and easy. If you don't follow us yet, do so @poppyseedfabrics.

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So don't miss out on anything that happens here. Lots of ways to keep posted.    :)


Tula Pink's collection fox field has arrived.

we are missing 10 from being the full collection, but they should arrive soon.

In from Vand Co is Color Me Happy 

this is the assorted bundle of 22 fabrics ( not the full collection)

These fun and bright large triangles have arrived from Bartholomeows reef

we finally have all 10 Mochi Linen dots in from MOmo and moda

and the new tone on tone Pearl Bracelets  from Lizzy House are awesome!!!!

 with 3 metallics how can you not love these!

Kawaii Anime fabric in from my favorite Hawaii Company is to die for.....

finally they have re-printed this fun fabric

and have made 2 more colors 
so cute!!!



Glitz re-stock!! Only 6 fabrics in  mm is having problems with the mill and printing these beauties as to not be flawed. More will arrive end of April  such a long time to wait.

enjoy shopping all these new arrivals and fun fabrics.

Have a great weekend. 



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