Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fun Stats along with NEW bundles, new items and what's arriving soon!

On occasion we check our stats to see how things are going and see what bundles or fabrics are most popular. Based on what you have viewed and purchased since we opened back in 2009 this listing has been the #1 listing purchased.

Ranked TOP!
over 6200 views and 290 admirers our medium chevron create your own bundle of 6 is our most popular item.

Our small chevron comes in a close #2

These 2 bundles are great, when you want to pick and choose which colors you want as well as get a bunch of them.

Thanks for purchasing these CHEVRONS because we love stocking our shelves with them for you.  So continue to enjoy buying them and keep these bundles at #1 and #2!

NEW BUNDLES created just for you!

We also have put remaining fabrics from collections together to help make it easier for you to purchase what we have left in stock.


Enjoy shopping these new bundles and our in stock fabrics from these fun popular collections

We are so happy to announce a new listing in the shoppe.  Medium SCRAP BAGS are now available. This bag is stuffed full of 2 pounds of fabric. Here are all the details...

"What you will get are new scraps that come straight off the bolt with straight cuts. Each piece measures between 5" and 12" by 44" long and are our medium size cuts. We have stuffed the envelope with these awesome fabrics, weighing in at 2 pounds. 2 pound would measure about 6 yards of fabric. This is a great way to get lots of different fabrics to add to your stash. "

we are working on 1 pound as well as 3 pound bags which will be posted shortly.
Great item to add to your stash.


Are you excited for this collection as I am?


Francine said...

Please stop - you're gonna get me in trouble!!! Off to shop :)


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