Friday, May 27, 2016

Memorial Weekend Goodies and deals......

Are you excited for a long weekend of spending time with family, BBQ, lake play and anything else you like to do on this long weekend. So are we. As we play and have fun, a special THANK YOU to ALL our service men and women who have dedicated their time to help protect our country and freedom.

For this long weekend we are running 3 different giveaways. First make sure to check out our sections, for they have changed to help you find items better based on price and specialty.


When you purchase any size scrap bag in your order you will get a FREE 60" measuring tape. (we choose color, while supplies last)


When you purchase any bundle from our bundle section  you will receive a FREE embroidery scissors (we choose print, while supplies last)


When you purchase $15 or more you will receive a FREE Fat Quarter of these super cute kawaii indigo owls.

So much fun FREE items to be had... HOpe you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy shopping with us!


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